A Psalm by Quinn Graham: Spring is Here

We have a modern-day psalmist on our hands:  Quinn Graham, Will Graham’s son and Billy Graham’s great-grandson, has written a special  psalm to share. This one, entitled “Spring is Here” is a great reminder for us to cherish God’s beautiful creation and the seasons that He gives to us.

Spring is here


The end of Death is here

And the start of Life has begun                                                   

Everything that was once dead, is now coming alive

The grass brightens up

The trees start sprouting leaves

The flowers start to bloom

And the sky brightens up

The world starts warming up

And you also start warming up

Because you know that Life is back once again

God created seasons

These seasons are what make earth so diverse

Summer is hot and everyone is outside

Fall is a bit colder with winds and beautifully colored leaves

Winter is cold and chilly; every plant life is dead, and every animal is hiding

Spring is the end of the coldness and life kicks back into action

The earth starts to warm up

The plants come back from the dead

The animals come out of hibernation

And it is just a wonderful time….

God created seasons to show how beautiful His creation is

He created the most beautiful world ever!

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