FAQ & Testimonies



“I came a long way, from Washington state. This is a watershed moment for me. I came out of a background of a lot of tragedy and trying to refocus my life. … I have been able to get my feet on the ground and get a new direction and a new focus. I have learned a lot here. I have taken copious notes, and I am going to go back and digest that stuff. Praise God for the hope, and the blessing, and the grace that He gives us.”

“Thank you for such a beautiful visit to The Cove. My husband and I have enjoyed ourselves so much. Every part of our experience has been over the top. Lodging, dining, the facilities—exceeded my expectations. The speaker was fantastic. I hope to visit again soon. I’m planning on telling our friends about our experiences and encouraging them to come be a part of this great place.”

“Our marriage was in crisis, which had been building over a dozen military deployments. Never had we done anything like this or gotten help for our marriage. The veterans center in Columbus, Ohio, told us about The Cove. We thought, we don’t know if we are still going to be ‘us’ by the time we can make it to a seminar there. Your seminar literally saved our marriage. I just want you all to know the power of this place.”

“I am so grateful for the Christian hospitality received at The Cove. The kind welcome and warm smiles made me feel at home. You can feel the prayers of God’s people upon this holy ground. You know God’s presence abides in this place.”