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Cove seminars offer life-changing Bible teaching, soul-stirring worship, and the fellowship of like-minded learners and worshipers.

An Evening At The Cove & Christmas At The Cove

Features a concert by popular Christian artists and a savory meal prepared by our chefs. Youth ages 9 and up may participate.

Intensive Bible Training

Designed for anyone who wants to take an in-depth approach to understanding a specific topic or section of the Bible. They feature seminary-level instructions.

Men’s Events

This program, specifically designed for men, features an inspirational message and uplifting music. Open to men 15 and up.

Military Events

Study the Biblical perspective on marriage with practical applications for the unique experiences of military life. Include free materials, meals, and lodging for active-duty, Guard, and Reserve military members and their spouses.

Personal Spiritual Retreats

Individuals or couples can experience a private spiritual retreat to refocus on growing their relationship with God in the beauty and peaceful quiet of the Cove.

Pastor Renewal

An opportunity to interact with peers and receive insight, instruction, and best practices from experienced Christian leaders. Include free meals and lodging (a minimal materials fee is required) for those actively serving in pastoral ministry.

Senior Adult Events

These programs are designed for people ages 55 and up; however, anyone can attend. Open to individuals and church groups.

Women’s Events

These programs, specifically designed for women, feature an inspirational message and often include uplifting music. Open to women ages 15 and up.