Kendra’s Bible Study: Joshua 8:1

Welcome to Kendra Graham’s online Bible study. This is a place where women can come together and share their journey towards Scriptural truths and spiritual maturity. We pray this will be a safe, respectful, resourceful place to come and discuss God’s Word…to discover What it says…What it meansand What it means to you!  Kendra suggests you use the following process when studying Scripture. We have included an example of this process from John 1:1.

Step 1: Pray
Step 2: Read God’s Word (look at the passage)
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Step 3: What Does God’s Word Say? (list the FACTS)
1 In the beginning the Word was with God and was God.
Step 4: What Does God’s Word Mean? (learn the LESSONS)
1 God‘s Word is not just ancient philosophy, it is eternal Truth.
Step 5: What Does God’s Word Mean to Me? (listen to his voice, find the APPLICATIONS for your life)
1 How do I view the Bible?

Kendra Graham NOTES from Joshua 8:1:

FACTS from verse 1:  

a.The LORD said to Joshua do not fear.  b.Take all the people of war with you.  c.Arise and go to Ai.  d.I have given you the king, people, city & land.

LESSONS from verse 1:

“Do not fear or be dismayed”
– God RENEWS Joshua’s confidence w/ the same familiar words as Joshua 1.  We have a tendency to “live” in the fear of past mistakes & not go forward even after God has dealt with them.  God is so tender and gentle here, not reminding, or chiding Joshua, “Don’t mess it all up again!”, but God sweetly renews Joshua’s confidence reminding him of His Word.  God’s Word did not change b/c Joshua and Israel messed up last chapter, Joshua didn’t lose his spot, his favor or his calling, it was all just re-enforced.  God renews His people through His never changing Word and promises.

Take all the people of war with you
– God kindly RESTORES the entire nation of Israel to Himself.  In Joshua 6, again, God used all the men of war to march around that wall, and here, for the small city of Ai, God is going to use them all.  God is interested not just in restoring Joshua, God not only just cares about Joshua, but cares about His entire nation.  God did not say, “Since you messed up in chapter 6, now I’m not giving you Ai, you will have to settle for less.”  NO! Our past sin does not disqualify us for present service. 

 Arise and go to Ai:  God REDEEMS the previous failure at Ai. God forgave Israel for their sin back in Joshua 7, but NOW He wants to REDEEM  it!  Go back and face that which formally defeated you and beat you down, this time with Me in the lead, in My power in MY plan! God does not leave people in the state of their failure to remind them of it time and time again… He leads them out…. He calls them to ARISE and GO in His victory as He redeems that exact failure and replaces it with His conquering victory.  Notice they did not “try again” with a different city, in a different place, with a different challenge…. no, they had to conquer Ai before they moved on to another challenge.

I have given you the king, people & land of Ai.  God REMINDS His people of His promise.  The land He promised is still theirs, and is clear, it is “this” land, this city of Ai.  My promise hasn’t been altered or changed because of any of your actions.  My promises stand, now go and claim them in confidence!  Again, it is this city, don’t go looking anywhere else, it is this one which has held you in such a grip of fear for the past bit here.  God has given us the victory over things which in the past have been a source of fear to beat us down with…. go and claim the VICTORY, stop living in DEFEAT! Know what God promises in His Word! Those promises do not change!

APPLICATIONS from verse 1:

a.  Am I allowing the failures of the past to discourage me instead of God’s present Word to encourage me?  What lies of discouragement do I listen to?  You are a failure?   God’s Word renews His people, so whose word am I listening to?  Am I allowing God to build strength and courage, or allowing the world to tear me down with fear and discouragement?

b. Have I believed the lie that since I have messed up here and there I have disqualified myself for God’s service?  Where in my life do I need restoration back to a place of honor in the presence of God?  Will I allow God to restore me or will I stay in the fact of my failure?

c. Will I allow God to redeem that past failure (the one I don’t want to talk about) through my present obedience?

d. What victories has God given to me that I am too afraid to claim?  What present victories do I have over past failures that I have claimed and live in victory over?

QUESTION:  What has God given you the victory over?  What past pain or failure has He redeemed and turned into victory?  You fill in the blank!  depression…self pity…bitterness…eating disorders…legalism…bigotry…

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HE came for YOUR story…Yes, you–reading this now.


Homework for next week: Joshua 8: 2-9
Thank you for sharing!  Thank you for being a part of this community!  We thank God for each of you.