Kendra’s Bible Study…Joshua 23: 12-15

Welcome to Kendra Graham’s online Bible study.  This is a place where we can come together and share in the journey towards Scriptural truths and spiritual maturity.  We pray this will be a safe, respectful, resourceful place to come and discuss God’s Word…to discover What it says…What it means…and What it means to you!

Kendra suggests you use the following process when studying Scripture.  We have included an example of this process from John 1:1.

Step 1:  Pray
Step 2: Read God’s Word (look at the passage)
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  
Step 3: What Does God’s Word Say? (list the facts)
1 In the beginning the Word was with God and was God.
Step 4: What Does God’s Word Mean? (learn the lessons)
1 God‘s Word is not just ancient philosophy, it is eternal Truth.
Step 5: What Does God’s Word Mean to Me? (listen to his voice)
1 How do I view the Bible?

Kendra Graham NOTES from Joshua 23: 12-15 homework 

12-13:  If you EVER go back and cling to these nations which remain among you, know with certainty the LORD your GOD will NOT continue to drive these nations out.  They will be a trap, a whip to your sides, thorns in your eyes

14:  (Joshua speaking)  I am going the way of the earth, and you KNOW in your hearts and soul NOT ONE WORD which the LORD spoke concerning you has failed.

15: Just as all the good words the LORD spoke to you have come upon you, so the LORD will bring upon you all the threats.

What Does it Mean?

12-13: DO NOT COMPROMISE.  DO NOT COMPROMISE.  DO NOT COMPROMISE.  We compromise with sin because our “common thought of the nation” says we should.  God says, “Thou shall not commit adultery”  it is now, nationally, a “consenting relationship between adults”  God says, “You shall have no other gods before Me”, yet we are in the process of writing Him out of our nation’s history.  God says “Thou shall not covet, Thou shall not steal” today we claim, “But it’s not fair”, “I am entitled”, “It doesn’t matter how I get it” or  “It doesn’t matter how I climb the corporate ladder, who I maim, smear or hurt along the way, so long as I am happy, and achieve my goal” Our motto: “Look out for number 1”.  God says, “You shall not take the name of the LORD in vain”, we say, “I have a right to express myself, it’s my freedom of speech”.  To protect the name of God Almighty in society, however, has become hate speech, and judgmental.  God says, “You shall not bear false witness”, we say, “Truth? Truth is relative, gray, it’s how I see it, there is no set Truth standard”.  God says, “Thou shall not murder”: We have renamed it “The Right to Choose” or “The Right to Die with Dignity”.  A nation of compromise.  Let’s not be families of compromise. 

We have been challenged as God’s people not to compromise…. yet now, we cannot even display the Standard of Truth (God’s Word, 10 commandments) because God Himself has been labeled “offensive” to society.  We would rather not “offend” anyone so we trade in our God, our shield, our refuge, our strength, our help, for the status quo of common thought.  We choose not to live lives with the evidence of the very presence of God in our midst.

14: God’s Word is Truth.  In a world where we can’t find honesty, the truth is as elusive as ever, where it is easier to believe a lie because it doesn’t hurt so bad and there is less accountability… God’s Word is proven time and time again, from one generation to the next.  Joshua lived a life without regrets, faithful to the LORD Jehovah and His Word.

A life lived for God, according to the Truth of His Word is a life lived without regret.

15: God is a God of His Word.  We live in a world where no one is accountable, we all have an excuse or another person to blame for our own choices.  God loves His people enough to discipline them.  Discipline is not hate, discipline helps guide and form us.  When my parents disciplined me, it was because they loved me and because of their consistent “guiding” I am thankful.  We serve a God who loves us enough to keep His Word on both sides of the issue. The way I choose to live me life matters to God.

What Does it Mean to me?

12-13:  Am I living a compromised life more worried about societal reaction and dictation than my very soul and my God?  Am I living my life clinging to what the nation(s) say is right, wrong and acceptable, worldly arguments compromising God’s Word, or am I sold out to the God Who loves me, gave His life for me and Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life? 

14: Am I living my life according the Truth of God’s Word, or the truth the world has thrown at me to believe?  How has God been faithful to me? To you?  How has the Truth of God’s Word steadied me in shaky times? 

15: Am I in God’s Word? Did I realize my choices on how I live my life matter to God?  When have I been thankful for godly discipline in my life?

Homework: Joshua 24:1-4

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