Behind the Scenes: Goats at The Cove

We are excited to introduce you to two of The Cove’s newest employees! 

Meet Zeke and Bill E.Goat.

zeke standing

These two, plus 16 other goats, have been hired to eradicate kudzu, an invasive weed, that is taking over a steep hillside at The Cove. 

Kudzu will grow over anything in its path (other plants, buildings, road signs) and eventually kill other plants it covers because it blocks out sunlight.

Zeke, our canine employee, is half Kangal and half Great Pyrenees. He is the protector of the goat herd.  He is a gentle lad and appears to enjoy his job.   

Bill E. Goat and his fellow goat co-workers are a cross between Boer and Kiko.  They enjoy eating vegetation such as kudzu, all the while, leaving behind “fertilizer” for the soil.  It’s a very eco-friendly way of working. 


Curious as to how this all works?

It’s quite an interesting process! 

1.  Site is prepared during the winter months for containing the goats by fence. — Our goats will graze on 1.2 acres during their term of employment.

2.  Goats and their canine protector are delivered to the job site in the summer when the foliage is plentiful, for an agreed upon time. — Our goats are due to complete their first “grazing” after one month.

3.  Goats return home or to another job site for a couple of months.

4.  Goats return to site for second “grazing” period.

5.  Now the site should be manageable enough to plant grass seed and/or let the natural weeds grow. 

6.  Goats are praised for their good work and sent home, hopefully never to return again.     

Another way to eradicate kudzu….make kudzu jelly!  We hear it is delicious.