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Kendra Graham notes from Daniel 6:11

WHAT DOES IT SAY? THE FACTS ONLY PLEASE.  In this step you need to list the outstanding facts of the passage. DON’T get caught up in the details, just list the facts. Do not paraphrase. Use the actual words of the passage. This is God’s Word, a lot of times this step seems tedious to some, but I urge you, as we read, and say and write God’s Word, it begins to sink deep into our hearts. If you just pick one fact out of the verse, write it down and meditate on it.

FACTS:  “These men came, found Daniel making petition and supplication before God.” Daniel 6:11

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? THE LESSONS.  Look for a lesson to learn from each fact. What are the people doing that they should be doing? What are the people doing that they shouldn’t be doing?

Is there a command to follow? A promise to claim? A warning to heed? An example to follow?

LESSONS:  I love the story of Daniel!  From the beginning of the book of Daniel, in chapter one, Daniel “purposes in his heart not to defile himself” (1:6).  From the beginning, no matter what situation Daniel was in, he “purposed” in his heart to honor God above all else.  Daniel lived a life proving his words were more than just rhetoric that made him sound good.  Here, in Daniel chapter 6, an edict has been made that NO ONE is to petition any man or god except the king for 30 days.  This edict was deliberately placed as law in order to trip Daniel up and get rid of both him and his testimony.  The men in charge of enforcing the law, knew Daniel and knew what Daniel would do, so they were ready to catch all the footage of Daniel praying to God on their devices and then broadcast it for the world to see that, this “man of God” refuses to submit to the King’s authority!   Daniel, however, could not be thwarted or distracted, he continued to pray and God miraculously saved him!

IF we are not careful, we can catch ourselves thinking, that when God calls on me to do the big things, I’ll be ready!  I’ll make a stand, I’ll preach it… I’ll be like Daniel!  I’ll face those lions!  “If only I were somewhere else, and had a different job where I was more visible, more important, more extraordinary, I could make a real difference.”  But would we….. really?  If we claim we will do it on a large scale, are we living like that on our own personal small scale?

He’s just a coach… no, he’s just an assistant coach.  Joe Kennedy is one of the coaches at Bremerton High school in Washington state.  Since 2008….. don’t miss that part… since 2008… so, for the past EIGHT years Coach Kennedy, a former Marine, made a personal commitment to God, similar to Daniel in Daniel 6:11.  Coach Kennedy determined in his heart, to bend his knee after each game and thank God for the opportunity to be an assistant coach to these young men.  Coach Kennedy did not force others to pray, nor did he disrupt or draw attention during the game.

There were certain men (and women) who came by agreement, with the law, catching Coach Kennedy making petition and supplication before his God, and the nation exploded.

“It’s against the law!”  iPhones catching the footage so we could all see this law breaker blatantly disregarding authority in our own living rooms!

Fire this man!”  Coach Kennedy has been swarmed by the lions of media and national law for more than Daniel’s three days in the lions’ den;  YET…. Coach Kennedy continues to pray after each game, most recently joined by the opposing team!

God is raising him up.  Closing the mouths of the lions.  Who knew of this assistant coach before this season?  I sure didn’t.  Coach Kennedy is being faithful where he has been placed, and for eight years, game after game, he was making a difference that one day God would highlight for us to see.  Coach Kennedy is living out this verse;  this is what it means, this is what it looks like, in modern day, every day mundane living!  You have a purpose where you are, in the midst of your common, everyday routine.  Determine in your heart to be faithful, ask God what this verse looks like in your life.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ME NOW? APPLY IT…. TODAY.  Take the lessons you learned and put them into the form of a personal question that you would ask your spouse, or a friend or your son or daughter.

As you write the questions, listen for God to communicate to you through His Word.

*Do not rush. Do not write things down just to have something on paper, this step takes more time that you may think. This is where Scripture meditation becomes real, this is where you begin to hear that still small voice speak to you, and place His finger in your life and begin to direct your paths…. this day, and the next, and the next. Do you trust Him enough to put into place that which He is moving you to?

Will you and I be faithful today in our everyday routine that we may have never thought mattered (praying with our kids, praying over lunch with a friend, who may or may not be a believer, refusing to compromise in the board room and at staff meetings, interacting with the grocery clerk or sales associate in the store)?  Will you and I determine to be faithful where we are?

LIVE IT OUT!  Hold yourself accountable to LIVE OUT in your daily life that which God impresses upon your heart. Write it out, sign it, date it and claim the transforming power of God’s Word and His presence in your life.

Ask God today, to give you the heart of Jesus for all those who cross your path for 24-hours and to show you, in your daily schedule where He is on the move.  Honor God above all else…. today… never know who is watching.

*Please note: Kendra will no longer assign specific homework for this study. She will still use the Three-Question approach and recommends you do the same. Kendra would love to hear what Scripture is speaking to you at this season in your life. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Get stuck? and Anne will walk through the Three Questions with you and help you along!