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Kendra Graham notes from : Psalm 62: 6-8

6: He only is my rock and my salvation,
My stronghold; I shall not be shaken.

7: On God my salvation and my glory rest;
The rock of my strength, my refuge is in God.

8: Trust in Him at all times, O people;
Pour out your heart before Him;

God is a refuge for us.

Step 1

6:  He only in my rock, salvation, stronghold, I shall NOT be shaken
7: On God: my salvation, and glory rest, the rock of my strength, my refuge
8: (So YOU) …Trust in Him ALL times, pour YOUR heart to Him, God, refuge for US

Step 2

THE LESSONS:   Here in these verses is where the Psalm changes. Did you catch it?  Look back to the first few verses…. David is immersed in struggles, his circumstances.  He is overwhelmed, yet as the world comes down on him hard and fast, he has decided he will not be “greatly shaken,” because he will-on purpose-make God’s Word and God’s promises his stronghold.  His head will tell his heart to endure, press on and believe God is who He says He is.

In the next few verses, David has some questions, and as he pours out his heart before God in the midst of pain and frustration, he pauses.  David’s outward struggle moves to an inward silence.  David will wait for God to speak before he does.  Ugh… I still sigh at this.  This is so hard.  So much hurt… yet David pours that hurt out to God, refusing to project that pain upon anyone else… even if they deserve it.  Selah.  Silence. Ugh. *sigh*

Now… from struggle (vs 1-2) to silence (vs.3-5), to sureness and security (vs 6-8).  As soon as David’s moment of silence is over, what are the words spoken?  I will tell you what his words do NOT do, they do not spew out bitterness and hurt upon those who sought to hurt him and destroy his reputation.  No, they speak of confidence and strength in GOD, not the disappointment of man.  In verses 6-8, David’s words are strong and sure.  God IS MY guarding rock.  Here David is speaking from his heart…not his head.  David is coming out of this time of silence, waiting upon God, with absolute confidence that God is his encircling guard–this Truth was spoken in verse 2, but it was LEARNED in the school of silent waiting upon God.  In David’s moments of silence he learned that the I Am that I Am, is El-Shaddai, his strong tower, his safety.  In David’s silence of mouth, God was able to speak to his heart and open his eyes so David could see who God is.  David, in these verses now has absolute surety that his refuge is secure.

David has not trusted God in vain.  In silence David pressed in to those issues that were pressing down on him with such force he thought he would crumble.  David didn’t crumble, because the Rock that encircled him will always stand.  David has chosen wisely.  David pressed in to the end, and because of that, he can say to us, with clarity, confidence and courage, YOU, all of YOU… who find yourself in this situation, when you think you can’t stand for another minute, when you think the world is about to tear you apart…. when you can’t rectify all the rumors and assumptions about the situation… “TRUST in God at ALL times,  pour out YOUR heart… In God’s presence is your strong refuge.”

You are not forgotten.  You have not been left out to dry.  You have not been thrown under the bus by God.  God is not ignorant of the pain you are enduring justly or unjustly.  Just as David was being protected by God, God will protect you.

When we spend time in silence, saturating our hearts and minds on the Truth of who God is, then, God’s Truth, God’s Word, goes from being a tag line and a nice theory you hear each week in Sunday School or at Bible study, to being believed, being REAL.  Saying something is true and knowing something is true, in actuality, are very different things.

The fact of who God is, traveled 18-inches down from the head of David to his heart, as he struggled through the silence, then  from his heart, his mouth SPOKE (Matt 12:34)….the silence broken, and the words were a precious testimony that no one could take away from David, or you or me…. this testimony of who God is would have never been learned if David refused to be silent.

“Though it tarries wait for it” Habakkuk 2:3….. dawn is breaking…. press in.

Step 3

APPLY IT:   Do you have confidence in God as your strength and salvation, or do you believe your salvation from this particular situation is based upon your own strength, ability, and wit?

Has God called you to a time of silence so that you can know–that you know–that you know–that God loves you, God sees you, and God will be YOUR refuge?

How do you need God to be your refuge?  Will you saturate yourself in the Truth of God’s Word as you press in or will  you bug out, finding it easier to believe the lies that God has forgotten you?

Can you say with confidence as the Apostle Paul did in 2 Timothy 1:12, I KNOW whom I have believed and AM persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that day?

LIVE IT OUT:  LORD, give me an open heart in this time of SELAH, so that when I speak,  it’s Your Truth on my lips.  As I focus on who You are, draw me closer to You… help me remember that You are able, You are Strength, You are love, You are refuge, You are protector, and that the plans you have for me are plans  to prosper, not to harm, plans to give hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11 #Truth #SELAH


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