Kendra Graham Bible Study: Week 5 Handout

Welcome to Kendra Graham’s online Bible study. Our prayer is that you grow deeper in the knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and His promises for you. Below is the handout for the fifth week of the Bible study with a few homework questions at the end. 



The Three Questions
I AM #ENOUGH to be your banner in the battle….
STEP TWO: Read the Text.

Exodus 17:8-12a (NASB) (8) Then Amalek came and fought against Israel at Rephidim. (9) So Moses said to Joshua, “Choose men for us and go out, fight against Amalek. Tomorrow I will station myself on top of the hill with the staff of God in my hand.” (10) Joshua did as Moses told him and fought against Amalek; and Moses, Aaron and Hur went up to the top of the hill. (11) So it came about as Moses held his hand up, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hand down, Amalek prevailed. (12a) But Moses’ hands were heavy….


In this step you need to list the outstanding facts of the passage. DON’T get caught up in the details, just list the facts. Do not paraphrase. Use the actual words of the passage. This is God’s Word; a lot of times this step seems tedious to some, but I urge you, as we read, and say and write God’s Word, it begins to sink deep into our hearts. If you just pick one fact out of the verse, write it down and meditate on it.

8: Amalek came and fought against Israel. 9: Moses to Joshua: Choose men FOR US and go fight Amalek. I will station myself on top of hill with staff of God in hand. 10: Joshua fought against Amalek, Moses Aaron and Hur to top of hill. 11: As Moses held hand up, Israel prevailed, let hand down Amalek prevailed 12a: Moses’ hands were heavy.


Look for a lesson to learn from each fact. What are the people doing that they should be doing? What are the people doing that they shouldn’t be doing?

Is there a command to follow? A promise to claim? A warning to heed? An example to follow? Meditate on these. Ask God what lesson it is that He wants you to hear or learn.

8: There WILL be battles. People will try to take our freedom and send us back to slavery. In these moments we can often experience incredible periods of doubt, during which we question everything and wonder if maybe this “freedom thing” just isn’t for us. During these times it’s easy to slip back into victim mentality, thinking this is as good as it gets for people like us.

9: There are different responsibilities for different people in the same battle. Even here we see Moses display great faith as a leader should. #lessoninleadership God is #ENOUGH, and God’s plan for Moses was not on the battlefield but on the praying field. Be confident in where God has called you, and don’t try to control areas that you are supposed to delegate and let go. “for us” – Notice the direction was not to get the strongest, the smartest, or the ones with the most experience…the only qualification for battle was to find those men who are “for us.” God chooses people who have hearts that are for Him. Your resume may be impressive…your Biblical knowledge may be superb…but if your heart isn’t right… you cannot be trusted and will not be chosen for battle.

10: We need to man our unique battle stations and not drop the ball, sleep in, or forget to show up. The battle is real, and real lives are in the balance. It matters that you show up.

11: The posture of prayer. Oswald Chambers said, “Prayer is the work.” When we direct the eyes of others towards Jehovah in our personal battles, we begin to see Jehovah Nissi overwhelm the enemy and empower us in His strength to continue to fight and press in and not give up. When we drop our eyes from the vertical to the horizontal, the battle will overwhelm us and take our breath away. Prayer is essential to see the victorious work of God personally and corporately.

12: Prayer can bring us to weariness more than any other action. Prayer is work that we have to set our minds and hearts to! Don’t give up because of the way things seem, or because of the lack of movement or the length of time you have been pleading. Keep praying in the weariness…often at the weariest moment is where we will see the biggest victory.


Take the lessons you learned and put them into the form of a personal question that you would ask your spouse, or a friend or your son or daughter.

As you write the questions, listen for God to communicate to you through His Word.

Do not rush. Do not write things down just to have something on paper, this step takes more time that you may think. This is where Scripture meditation becomes real, this is where you begin to hear that still small voice speak to you, and place His finger in your life and begin to direct your paths…. this day, and the next, and the next. Do you trust Him enough to put into place that which He is moving you to?

8: When has there been a battle in your life that you had to fight? How often would we rather just appease the enemy, thinking the enemy will leave us alone if we are just tolerant enough? What battles are worth fighting? What hills are worth dying on? Are there any? Have we hidden from the battle too long? How are we called to stand and to “do all to stand” (Ephesians 6:13)? How does that look today? Where have I been satisfied to have a victim mentality?

9: Where have you been called to serve? Are you able to serve in your area with passion and precision, or do you feel like you also need to serve in all the other areas as well because no one will do it right if it’s not you leading in every aspect? What kind of heart would God say you have? What, or Who, are you “for”? Are you for you? Are you for God? What do your actions say about who you are for? Are you willing to ask God to reveal who you are for? Do you have a heart to be for Him, or do you have a list of reasons why you are too injured, too weak, too hurt, too ignorant to be used by God?

10: What keeps you in bed and prevents you from showing up daily to the battle? What causes you to think that your presence is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things?

11: Are you panicking about all your eyes see? All your heart feels? The immensity of the battle? The reality of the battle? Will you decide today to pray over that battle each and every morning, even before you get out of bed each day? Will you take that step forward today…come out of hiding, reach your arms to heaven, and pray and look to Jehovah who wants to be your Nissi, your banner? How would it look today for you to walk out in strength keeping your eyes UP, UP, UP all day? It will take determination….

12: What are you weary of praying about? When, in your weariness, have you seen victory? Will you share that and encourage another weary soul with it?


Look over all your facts, lessons and applications for a given passage.
Is there a main theme to them? Does one verse stand out over the rest for some reason??
Hold yourself accountable to LIVE OUT in your daily life that which God impresses upon your heart. Write it out, sign it, date it and claim the transforming power of God’s Word and His presence in your life.

Today I will show up to the battle… in my role… Today I will pray for the heart Jehovah needs me to have Today I will pray… pray… and pray… not ignoring the fight Today I will KNOW…. I AM THAT I AM IS MORE THAN #ENOUGH in my battle Shout that out throughout today, then tomorrow Help my unbelief.

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Do the Three Questions on: Exodus 33:17-23 Read: Exodus 32 and 33

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