Kendra’s Bible Study…1 Kings 19:19-21

Welcome to Kendra Graham’s online Bible study.  This is a place where women can come together and share their journey towards Scriptural truths and spiritual maturity.  We pray this will be a safe, respectful, resourceful place to come and discuss God’s Word…to discover What it says…what it means…and what it means to you!

Kendra suggests you use the following process when studying Scripture.  We have included an example of this process from John 1:1.

Step 1:  Pray
Step 2: Read God’s Word (look at the passage)
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Step 3: What Does God’s Word Say? (list the facts)
1 In the beginning the Word was with God and was God.
Step 4: What Does God’s Word Mean? (learn the lessons)
1 God‘s Word is not just ancient philosophy, it is eternal Truth.
Step 5: What Does God’s Word Mean to Me? (listen to his voice–write the applications)
1 How do I view the Bible?

Kendra’s Notes on 1 Kings 19:19-21:

What Does it Say?

  • Verse 19:  Elijah went and found Elisha. He was plowing with 12 yoke of oxen, himself driving the 12th pair. Elijah threw his cloak around him
  • Verse 20: Elisha left and ran after Elijah.  Let me kiss my father and mother and I will come. Elijah: Go back, what have I done to you?
  • Verse 21: Elisha left and went back, took his oxen, slaughtered them, burned the plowing equipment, followed Elijah and became his attendant.

What Does it Mean?

  • Verse 19: Be found faithful where God has placed me.
  • Verse 19: God’s call is clear
  • Verse 20: The choice to follow is mine, and is costly
  • Verse 21:  Sometimes a “promotion” in God’s eyes is a “demotion” in the world’s eyes

What Does it Mean to Me?

  • Verse 19:  Would I be found faithfully doing what God has called me to do, where He has called me to do it? Being a wife, mom, soccer coach??? Or are my eyes looking for a more “important” post to be sent to? Something else? Anything else?
  • Verse 19:  If God’s call is clear, then am I living a life that evidences that I’m doing what God wants, or does my life show evidence of me doing what I want?
  • Verse 20: Have I really decided to “follow Jesus”, really? Or do I just choose to follow when the choice is convenient for me?
  • Verse 21: Have I rejected God’s call in my life because it’s beneath me? Not the important “leadership” position I thought I deserved?


  • Ask God where He wants me, and where He doesn’t.  Pray for the strength to quit those areas He never called me to, and strength to pick up the ones He has.

Share with us, by using the comment section, your lesson(s)/application(s) from any part of 1 Kings 19:19-21 and what they mean to you.   

HOMEWORK for March 20th online discussion:  JOSHUA 8: 1
Yes, just one verse for next week!  There is a lot to discover in those two sentences.