BGEA Property Policy

The private property of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), including its Headquarters building, the Billy Graham Library and grounds, the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, and any other building used by BGEA in connection with its ministry activities as well as the surrounding grounds, is sacred space. Access is permitted by BGEA for activities its Management determines to be consistent with its Mission and sincerely held religious beliefs, which are summarized in its Statement of Faith. Entry upon and enjoyment of BGEA’s property by any individual or group is solely at BGEA’s discretion and under its conditions. BGEA reserves the right to refuse access or to withdraw permission and excuse from its property any individual or group, for any reason or no reason, at any time. Guests must wear modest attire at all times; refrain from the distribution of literature and other materials, and must refrain from any conduct that BGEA Management determines to be inconsistent with its sincerely held religious beliefs or which threatens the safety, health or comfort of other guests and/or its staff and volunteers.

Video surveillance cameras are in use and guests may be recorded or photographed for use by BGEA, including distribution of images to third parties. Except for individuals acting on behalf of BGEA, possession of any type of weapon, whether visible or concealed, including under valid government permit, is not allowed. Guests voluntarily assume all risks of personal or bodily injury, and of theft or damage to their personal property, incidental to entrance upon the property including, without limitation, injury from property conditions, acts of third parties, etc.; and agree that BGEA and/or those who may be acting on its behalf are not responsible for any such injuries, theft or damages, or any related expenses, claims or liabilities.