What is a Worldview?


Photo from Flickr by sittered.

Do you know what it means to have a biblical worldview?

Our friend Alex McFarland says this of worldviews:

A worldview is exactly what it sounds like; it is how someone sees the world. That sounds simple enough when the term is first heard, but it is much more complex when all that it includes is thought upon. A person’s worldview entails a set of truth claims that are embraced to the extent that it becomes reality. Because the worldview is reality, it drives what and how a person thinks, acts and feels.

A worldview provides the foundation from which one discerns and makes all moral and ethical choices throughout an entire lifetime. Therefore, a worldview choice is extremely crucial due to the influence for each person, since it determines how a person deciphers right from wrong and from where his truth derives.

What does having a Christian worldview mean to you?