Saturday Snapshot — Dumpster Diving

Did you know that black bears are found on approximately 60% of the total land area of North Carolina”?  

We love the variety of beautiful creatures that share the 1,200 acre Cove property, but in order to live peacefully together we make sure to keep any human food locked up tight.

Here, one of our furry neighbors is trying to see if we’re truly committed to bear-resistant dumpsters.

We can’t blame him for trying…The Cove does have a reputation for delicious food!  (Sharing some recipes here.)

Don’t worry, there’s plenty for him to eat in the woods.  When they’re not trying to eat human food, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission tells us black bear “diets typically consist of acorns, berries, carrion, corn, fish, frogs, fruits, grasses, grubs, honey, insects, larvae, leaves, nuts, peanuts, reptiles, roots, seeds, small mammals, soybeans and wheat.”  

The changing colors of fall make this season one of the most beautiful times to visit our area.  Make sure to visit the Chatlos Memorial Chapel, Visitors Center, and Ruth’s Prayer Garden.  Click here for directions and operating hours. Tours are free.

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