Saturday Snapshot

If you recall, Ruth Bell Graham had a tendency to keep a lot of things that were given to Billy Graham over the years.  She even wrote a book titled Legacy of a Pack Rat.  Many of the items that were stored in their attic in Montreat, NC eventually found their way to The Cove for display in our memorabilia area or to be stored for later use.

This is a soccer ball given to Billy Graham during the Bramall Lane Crusade in Sheffield, England in June of 1985.  As you can see, the Sheffield United Football Club players all signed it.  What a neat piece of history!

Soccer ball signed by Sheffield United Football Club during Bramall Lane Crusade June 22 thru 29 1985 Sheffield England 2

While attending your event or retreat at The Cove, make sure to allow for plenty of time to explore our memorabilia and pictorial area in the Training Center.

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