Kendra’s Bible Study…Ezra 10:10-15

Welcome to Kendra Graham’s online Bible study.  This is a place where we can come together and share in our journey towards Scriptural truths and spiritual maturity.  We pray this will be a safe, respectful, resourceful place to come and discuss God’s Word…to discover What it says…What it means…and What it means to you!

Kendra Graham NOTES from Ezra 10:10-15 

In this step you need to list the outstanding facts of the passage.  DON’T get caught up in the details, just list the facts.  Do not paraphrase.  Use the actual words of the passage.  This is God’s Word, a lot of times this step seems tedious to some, but I urge you, as we read, and say and write God’s Word, it begins to sink deep into our hearts.  If you just pick one fact out of the verse, write it down and meditate on it. 

10. Ezra stood & said “You have been unfaithful and have married foreign wives adding to the guilt of Israel”

11.  Make confession to God, Do His will, separate yourselves

12.  The assembly answered: “That’s right! As you have said it is our duty.”

13.  We have transgressed greatly in this matter

14.  Let our leaders represent the assembly & let those who married foreign wives come together with the elders & judges until the anger of God is turned away

15.  Only Jonathon and Jahzeiah opposed this with Meshullam & Shabbethai the Levite supporting them.

Look for a lesson to learn from each fact.  What are the people doing that they should be doing?  What are the people doing that they shouldn’t be doing?

Is there a command to follow?  A promise to claim?  A warning to heed? An example to follow?

10:  Ezra faces the sin of the nation head on…. this takes courage.  We have so sterilized sin in our culture…. we hate to talk about it.  We like to talk about love and heaven instead.  To ignore sin is to participate in it.

11:  There is hope in spite of our failures and mistakes!  Letting go of what we want and grabbing hold of what God wants is always worth it.  Repentance requires action, not just emotion and words.

12:  We can’t argue with Truth.  We might hate it, but we can’t argue with it.  We all fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23)  No one is above anyone else here. We are ALL in the same boat, all capable of doing the worst sin we can think of. It is up to the Holy Spirit to convict.

13:  It is what it is, admitting that there is a problem quite often is the hardest step.  We hate to agree with someone when they tell us we don’t make the cut.  But, what freedom is there in that!

14:  Sin must be personally dealt with.  Confronting sin in love is a must.  Easier to turn a blind eye for sure.

15:  Sin is stubborn and there will be kickback.  There will be people who don’t want you to get right with God, because if you do…. then you are basically saying they need to do the same thing.  Many of us don’t want to give it up.  The hardest thing is like it is here, when those fighting you on getting right with God are family and even pastors of the church (Levites were the priests).  There will always be an excuse to hold on to our sin longer.  Letting go of sin and getting right with God fights against our nature.

Take the lessons you learned and put them into the form of a personal question that you would ask your spouse, or a friend or your son or daughter.

As you write the questions, listen for God to communicate to you through His Word.

*Do not rush.  Do not write things down just to have something on paper, this step takes more time that you may think.   This is where Scripture meditation becomes real, this is where you begin to hear that still small voice speak to you, and place His finger in your life and begin to direct your paths…. this day, and the next, and the next.  Do you trust Him enough to put into place that which He is moving you to?

10:  What sin am I are you, ignoring in our lives or someone else’s life?  Are we willing to confront in love and concern? 

11:  Am I, are you willing to admit, confess our sin before a holy God and then walk away from it not to partake in it anymore?  Or are we not quite done with our sin even though we know it keeps us from God?

12:  Am I, are you, fighting against God’s Truth in my life because we are stubborn not wanting to anything we don’t want to?

13:  What will our response be when confronted with our sin?  Will we fight it or agree.

14:  Am I, are you, willing to listen to people when they come to us in love and concern and confront us with sin or are our defenses immediately in play and start to point the finger elsewhere?  (It is always because of someone else…. I am never to blame… hmmm) Am I willing to confront someone else’s sin in love?

15:  Will we determine to get right with God in spite of the opposition?

This example of Ezra can ONLY be lived out with God lavishing His grace and love upon us that we so lack.  It is an impossible assignment otherwise. 

            LORD, break my heart over my sin, and give me the grace and strength to walk away.  May my scars from it be a testimony to others, a lighthouse in a sense for others to hold on to God’s laws and not to fall down the path of unwise mistakes I have made.

            LORD, help me confront sin in the lives of my loved ones with the prayer, burden and love that Ezra had.  Give me that love for Your people that I lack.

Homework: Stay in Ezra 10.

Get stuck?  and Anne will walk through the Three Questions with you and help you along!