God Honors Those Who Honor Him

One of the most remarkable realities we discover in our relationship with God is that He will never be in debt to us. No matter how much we give or how much of ourselves we pour out for His sake, He always manages to give back more than we gave. That God honors those who honor Him was never more evident than in the life of Daniel.

Tonight, we begin a seminar with Bob Coy, studying the life of Daniel, whose unwavering faithfulness, persuadable leadership, unquestionable integrity, and influential vision enabled him to honor God. You can tune in to the first session live on the Web for free. You’ll learn to cultivate these character traits in your own life and be prepared to seize every opportunity the Lord provides to honor Him.

Join us tonight at 7:15 P.M. ET for a live webcast of Bob Coy’s seminar, Daniel: Honor for Honor.