Annie Moses Band Livestream Concert (October 18)

A Worshipful Evening of Music

Join the Annie Moses Band for an uplifting concert program live from the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove. In these times, resting in the joy of the Lord is imperative. Fill your home with worship through this unique opportunity.

About Annie Moses Band

The Annie Moses Band is a family of talented songwriters, singers, and musicians dedicated to Psalm 150’s call to praise the Lord through music. Parents Bill and Robin Wolaver compose and arrange the material for their six gifted children. For more than 15 years, the Annie Moses Band has been captivating audiences around the world with their fiery string playing and soulful renditions of Gospel, folk, jazz, and classical favorites.

Named after the children’s great-grandmother, the Annie Moses Band believes their faith in Jesus Christ should define all of life—from their most personal relationships to how they approach their work. “God’s desire is to unify families through love for one another and glorify Himself through excellence,” says lead singer/violinist Annie Wolaver Dupre.

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Additional Event Information

Rewatch Any of the Four Sessions from Will Graham’s Seminar, How to Have Stable Faith in Unstable Times

If you purchased a ticket to live stream the seminar, you have on-demand access to the videos from any session for 30 days after the conclusion of the seminar. If you did not purchase a ticket to the live stream, you can purchase any individual session for $6 each. You have 30 days of access to the video from your purchase date.

Session One: 1 Samuel 25:2 – 1 Samuel 25:13

Session Two: 1 Samuel 25:14 – 1 Samuel 25:24

Session Three: 1 Samuel 25:25 – 1 Samuel 26:25

Session Four: 1 Samuel 27 – 1 Samuel 28

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