Pray Like Jesus

with Tim Lundy, July 14-16, 2017

Package Option Price
The Complete Cove Experience
(Includes lodging, meals & materials for two people.)
$536.00 (double occupancy)
The Complete Cove Experience
(Includes lodging, meals & materials for one person.)
$427.00 (single occupancy)
The Cove Experience Off-Property
(Includes all meals and materials offered during seminar.)
$109.00 (per person)
FREE Seminar + Optional Meals
(To register for free seminar plus optional meals, please call our Reservations dept at 800-950-2092.)

Come Early Opportunity

Jesus teaches us to pray in a way that changes how we see God, understand ourselves, and impacts our world. Immerse yourself in Matthew’s gospel and gain a deeper understanding of prayer, then return home confident, prepared, and excited you can pray effectively every day.

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About Tim Lundy

TIM LUNDY is the Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church in Little Rock, Ark. A graduate of Crichton College and Dallas Theological Seminary, Tim has been in ministry for over 27 years. He has previously served as the teaching and lead pastor of multiple churches; chaplain for the International Community School in Bangkok, Thailand; and Leadership Fellow and Interim Director of Spiritual Formation at the Center for Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Scripture Focus

Matthew 6:5-15

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