The Mysteries of God: Drawing Near to the God We Love, Fear, and Struggle to Understand

with Erwin Lutzer, September 5-7, 2017

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The Complete Cove Experience
(Includes lodging, meals & materials for two people.)
$576.00 (double occupancy)
The Complete Cove Experience
(Includes lodging, meals & materials for one person.)
$467.00 (single occupancy)
The Cove Experience Off-Property
(Includes all meals and materials offered during seminar.)
$109.00 (per person)
FREE Seminar + Optional Meals
(To register for free seminar plus optional meals, please call our Reservations dept at 800-950-2092.)

Stay Over Opportunity

Our perception of God defines who we are. But God’s mysterious, invisible, and even unpredictable nature can make it challenging for us to grasp who He is. Thankfully, God has faithfully revealed Himself to us in Scripture. Come examine His Word and gain a deeper understanding of God’s awe-inspiring character. Find out how Scripture reconciles His justice and great love for us with the suffering we see and experience. Discover why He alone deserves your loyalty and worship, and in turn, be equipped to believe in Him more confidently, love Him more deeply, and serve Him more diligently.

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*Please note: In the event you are staying over for the Erwin Lutzer seminar and wish to attend the Evening at The Cove with Travis Cottrell on September 7, 2017, you may add the concert only for $28. Please call our reservations department at 1-800-950-2092 to register.*

About Erwin Lutzer

ERWIN W. LUTZER is Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church in Chicago, Ill., where he served as senior pastor for 36 years. A clear expositor of the Bible, he is the featured speaker on three radio programs—Running to Win, Moody Church Hour, and Songs in the Night—heard on more than 1,000 outlets in the United States and around the world. Lutzer is the award-winning author of more than 20 books and a renowned international speaker.

Scripture Focus

Romans 11:33

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